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Dryer vents clog when enough lint accumulates in your ventilation system to cause a blockage. This presents a host of problems from loss of energy efficiency, damage to clothing, and in extreme cases may cause a fire in the home! Sears is the Dryer Vent Cleaning Expert in Middletown, NJ and Monmouth County! 

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About Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Quick Facts

  • The US Fire Administration Reports there are more than 12,700 clothes dryer fires annually, resulting a tragic number of deaths and injuries plus an unbelievable $88 million in property damage each year.
  • “Failure to clean” on a regular, consistent basis,is the leading factor contributing to clothes dryer fires in residential homes.
  • Dryer vent systems found in many modern homes, are inefficient and increase the risk of blockage and the potential for fires.
  • Many home owners associations and condo boards, more each year, are insisting on annual dryer vent cleaning for safety reasons.
  • In addition to the safety aspect, as if more incentive was needed,dryer vent cleaning improves appliance efficiency, extends the life of the appliance and saves on utility costs.  Professional cleaning is truly a win win win situation

What Causes a Clogged Dryer Vent?

Your dryer vent system includes not only the visible flexible ducting that attaches to the rear of the dryer but also the hard ducting located out of site behind the walls, and finally the roof or wall cap terminus.  Dryer vents clog for a number of reasons however most common is when lint, made “heavier”by trapped moisture, fails to vent out of the home completely.  This trapped lint acts as a partial barrier, catching more and more passing lint until finally a full blockage is created. This blockage traps very unsafe levels of heat inside the vent itself.  Other factors such as the length of the total vent system, the number of turns in the vent system and incorrect end capping, can all contribute to system inefficiency.

Safety Concerns

When lint builds in your dryer vent, it blocks the flow of air from the dryer to the outside, creating tremendous levels of heat inside the vent itself ( think of how hot your dryer becomes during the drying process)  This heat can cause highly flammable particles like lint and bits of clothing trapped in the vent, to catch fire.. 

Dryer Efficiency & Energy Savings

Dryer appliances that are not venting properly will require prolonged drying cycles, needlessly consuming additional energy and stressing the appliance. This will result in higher utility bills, and costly repairs, not to mention the negative impact on the environment. Higher heat levels in the machine, caused by even a limited blockage, can damage your clothing,especially dedicates. Finally, your machine was not designed to be subjected to this level of heat for prolonged periods. Continuous exposure will “wear” your appliance out,which could result in costly, premature replacement.

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