Grout and Tile Cleaning Services by Sears in Middletown, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

Quality in home grout and tile cleaning services are provided by Sears to Middletown, NJ and the surrounding Monmouth County area

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Homeowners often struggle to remove the dirt from their discolored grout lines. That’s why Sears offers professional grout and tile cleaning services.  Our trained technicians use powerful extraction equipment to do what ordinary mopping cannot. Sears technicians use advanced cleaning equipment, cleaning solutions, and high-powered vacuum extraction to loosen and remove embedded dirt from the grout. Read on to find out how we can best service you in Middltown, NJ and the surrounding cities in Monmouth County! 

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About Sears Grout and Tile Cleaning Services

Professional Grout and Tile Cleaning Services

Due to its durability and aesthetic charm, ceramic tile flooring is a common option for kitchens and bathrooms. While new tile flooring looks great, over time, both the tile and the grout lines between tiles become discolored by absorbing oils (cooking and body), mixed with common household soils .  This is an ugly, deep set level of soiling that regular mopping can not reverse.  In fact, regular mopping can actually make things worse looking over time by adding moisture and residual cleaning solution. Periodic, professional grout and tile cleaning services with Sears  is the solution you are looking for.

Grout Sealing

Porous grout is naturally very absorbent.  To help slow down future soil absorption and resulting discoloration, we can apply a long lasting, clear grout sealer after cleaning.  This will form a non absorbent barrier between the grout and whatever “gunk and junk”‘ finds its way to your beautiful floor. Importantly, our grout sealant is transparent, it won’t affect your grout coloring, so your floor will continue to look great while being protected.

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